Rescued Wildlife
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I am surrendering the wildlife identified herein to Animal Emergency Center ("AEC"). I understand that AEC will use professional judgment in the exercise of veterinary medicine, which may or may not include medical or surgical treatment or humane euthanasia. I understand that this surrender is irrevocable; that subsequent placement is solely at the discretion of AEC; and that any information regarding this animal and its condition will not be available after surrending the animal (AEC is a pass through facility to the rehabilitator).

Notifications: (1) Federal and State regulations only permit AEC to stabilize and temporarily hold wildlife for 24-48 hours prior to transferring to a licensed rehabilitator. (2) AEC is not licensed to rehabilitate wildlife (we do not posess a Federal Migratory Bird Rehabilitation Permit or Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit). (3) It is illegal for individuals to take animals from the wild and keep them as pets.

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